Smoked Sausage Skillet Recipe

Just got home from work and realized we didn’t get anything out of the freezer to thaw. We can still have dinner on in about 30 minutes with this quick recipe. This recipe can change depending on what you have available or what your family likes. Shall we start? Quick, grab that package of smoked […]

Healthy Granola Bar Recipe

Can granola bars be healthy? Of course they can! We just have to make them ourselves. This recipe is very easy and involves no cooking. I mix them in my Kitchen Aid mixer. Of all my kitchen appliances, that is the one I miss the most when the power is out for whatever reason.  Back […]

Marbled Orange Fudge

With Christmas coming up, now is the time to make candy. I take some to work, send some with DH, and give quite a bit as gifts. Today we’ll make Orange Marbled Fudge. My sister calls it the makeover recipe because we’ve made some adjustments. She uses it in a candy making class she teaches […]