How to Make Hamburger Rocks

Want a new way to store hamburger meat? Have you ever dehydrated it? It’s called hamburger rocks and has been very helpful for me. I have more room in the freezer and the meat is safe if the power goes out for very long. This also allows me to buy more hamburger meat when I find it […]

Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

I try to make a batch of cookies every weekend to munch on throughout the week. Yes, I know, we should cut down on sugar. We try, but I figure the recipes I make have to be better for us than the packaged ones at the store. Last week I made peanut butter cookies. This […]

Repurposing Measuring Spoons

How do you repurpose old measuring spoons? We came across a few while cleaning out an old house. Daughter #1 thought they looked neat. As luck would have it, I had just found an old yard stick from Sears. I had put it in the trash pile because one end was broken. We laid them out […]